Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sample letter of hardship - Include what your mortgage company

Sample letter of hardship - Include what your mortgage company

If you cannot pay the mortgage on his / her time due to unavoidable circumstances, the first step to avoid foreclosure is to contact the mortgage company or lender immediately. The second step would be to write a letter to the predicament is basically a written notice to the lender, stating the reasons to celebrate a return to his / their mortgage payments.

This sounds simple enough, must be a letter demanding the difficulty convincing, simple, reliable and professional enough to convince to stop the lender to foreclose. It is also relevant to mention here that the people should know that you simply write on the economic difficulties, are not compelling enough to the crisis. It is a letter, so you should include details and evidence. The purpose of a hardship letter to convince the lender and sympathy for the problem could be solved by grounds. It can be useful if there is a model of professional hardship letter follows. Below is a hardship letter, which can be varied in accordance with the interests of an individual.


Name of lender


Phone number

RE: Letter difficulties

Dear (insert name Mortgage Company)

With this letter I will try to explain the sorry state of affairs that I am today. I took (insert specific reason / reasons for the difficulties) because of the massive financial crisis. I'm behind on my debts significantly due to the financial situation, we would be delighted if you could consider working with me to modify the loan (or accept a short sale).

I also consider a test of my financial situation powerless (attach proof of income current financial situation as well as all bank statements). Before he adopted in this state, I have always been a loyal customer and has never too late to pay my bills. I would appreciate if you consider (insert special applications, for example, a lower interest rate, etc.), please by changing the terms of the loan., Sincerely and respectfully



A hardship letter provides an opportunity to explain or justify myself / her. The mortgage company or lender it is the starting point, and therefore perhaps the most important point, the process begins to foreclosure avoided. A hardship letter is an important right to be free from the crisis.

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